Stories of Nonviolence and Reconciliation
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It’s the collaborative, volunteer work of many ordinary people everywhere who make this possible! There are many practical ways to help the Power of Goodness Global Story Pool. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

USE the stories: Read and discuss the stories then send us a brief description about using the stories with your contact information. You may also choose to send photos. Write to

READ our eNews: To keep yourself informed on the development of this work, write to to ask to be subscribed to our eNews email list.

Use the form below to:

TRANSLATE the stories: Translate to your local language. Once formally edited and confirmed by three different types of users—child, adult and professional, please send us the translations with names of translator, editor and reviewer comments.

SUBMIT a Story: If you have a story pass it along whether it is already written or just an idea, experience or relationship contact us. We can help you research and develop the story into final form for possible inclusion in the Global Story Pool.

ILLUSTRATE a Story: Collaborate with local writers and artists to locate young people ages six to twenty to illustrate stories.

COORDINATE a Local Print Edition: If you have a small group locally who have been submitting local stories and would like to explore creating a local print edition.

COORDINATE the Story Pool: This work is coordinated by a team of volunteers who work over email and Skype. If you would like to join this group, please contact us at • 90 W University St. Alfred, NY 14802 USA • 607-542-9029