Stories of Nonviolence and Reconciliation
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Together, the stories and artwork in this global story pool capture themes of friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation in situations where fairness and integrity are not readily apparent. The courage to act peacefully, especially when all one knows or remembers is war, is embolden by a deep respect for the dignity of self, others and the Earth in all our diversity.

We invite you to browse the titles and look at the accompanying artwork. When you find a story that catches your attention, read it through.

For activities designed specifically for each story, please consider the accompanying Training Manual

The House that Love Built
By William W. Price - France
Sanctuary Means Love
By Elizabeth Yeats - USA
He was Ready To Hit Me
By Calhoun Geiger - USA
Jelly Beans
By Isabel Champ Wolseley - USA
By Said Khamzat Nunuev - Chechnya
Planting Trees to Heal the Earth
By Janet Sabina and Marnie Clark - Kenya
Anna and the Speckled Hen
By Ruth Hunt Gefvert - Germany
Boot under the Bed
By Murry Engle Lauser - United Kingdom
Experiment in Fairness
By Bayard Rustin - USA
By Said Khamzat Nunuev - Chechnya
Weeding the Field
By Musa Akmadov - Chechnya
To Forgive Is Divine
By Yousef Bashir - Palestine
The Mosque
By German Kuznetsov-Valin - Russia
Seeds of Hope
By Victor Lozinsky with Deborah J. Rasmussen - Russia/USA
Vigil for Peace
By Mikhail Roshchin - Russia
By Musa Akhmadov - Chechnya
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
By Aba Gayle - USA
By Zalpa Bersanova - Chechnya
Allah is Merciful: Perhaps Allah Needs Me
By Patricia Cockrell - UK
Silver Candlesticks
By Victor Hugo - France
By Yevgeny Yevtushenko - Russia
New Girl in School
By Carol Passmore - USA
First Bitter, Then Sweet
By Asya Vasaeva - Chechnya • 90 W University St. Alfred, NY 14802 USA • 607-542-9029